Inception and expertise

Since its foundation in 2007, Feldan is profoundly engaged in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of recombinant proteins designed to address research needs in life science. Through these business opportunities, Feldan has acquired a high expertise in recombinant protein production and a solid track record in hard-to-produce recombinant proteins using either bacterial, yeast or mammalian expression systems. Feldan has also developed technical skills in medium scale production and in regulated production environment.


Development of the Feldan Shuttle

Since its beginning, Feldan has always valued internal research as an engine to generate value; with the development of the Feldan Shuttle in the later years, this vision is now coming true. The scientists at Feldan have uncovered a disruptive technology that allows the transition of protein-based therapies toward clinical trials. Along with the protein production platform, the Shuttle now allows Feldan to develop medical applications in-house as well as in collaboration with partners. This novel direction comes along with a new name (Feldan Therapeutics) and hints the multiple possibilities that lay ahead.