Feldan Therapeutics is led by young leaders focused on translating the Feldan Shuttle technology into breakthrough therapies for patients with serious diseases. Our multidisciplinary team has expertise in recombinant protein, advanced protein delivery and genome engineering.

Dr. Francois-Thomas Michaud, Ph.D., Eng.

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Dr. François-Thomas Michaud has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2007. Dr. Michaud has a large responsibility in the growth of the company in which he leads and supervises, with the company directors, all company’s aspects; finance, administration, legal, business development, research and development and production. Mr. Michaud completed a M.Sc. degree on the Development of an intense process for recombinant protein production and earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University Laval.

Dr. Meriem Benchabane, Ph.D.,

Marketing and Business Development Director

Dr. Benchabane joined Feldan in spring 2013 as a Market Intelligence Manager. She is responsible of directing marketing activities and business development team. Her Ph. D. thesis pertained to the production of recombinant therapeutic proteins in plants under a joint supervision between Laval University and University of Rouen (France), and her post-doctoral fellowship at Canadian Natural Resources focused on transcription factors implicated in tree defense reactions.

M. Victor Parent, M.Sc.,

Production Director

Victor Parent joined Feldan in 2010 as the Production Director. He is in charge of all production activities in the company. M. Parent has completed a B.Sc. degree in chemical engineering. Following the completion of a Master degree, he has undertaken doctoral studies in Chemical engineering at Laval University. Moreover, he has acquired experience in Bioprocess Engineering at PTT PolyCanada and received a Bioengineering Internship to join Genentech in California prior to joining Feldan.

Dr. David Guay, Ph.D.

Research Director

David Guay joined Feldan in 2009 as R&D director. He is in charge of directing all activities related to the Shuttle Technology. During his Master and Ph.D. training, he studied the implication of the DNA/RNA binding protein YB-1 in chemotherapy resistance. He developed strong molecular and cell biology skills working with DNA, RNA, recombinant proteins and cells. During his postdoctoral fellow at McGill University, in the chemical engineering department, he developed a DNA delivery technique based on a non-thermal plasma technology.

Dr. Nancy Messier, Ph.D.

Development Director

Nancy Messier joined Feldan in 2009. As a Director of Development, she is responsible of all methods and procedures to produce high grade products. She has completed a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Microbiology at Laval University where she studied class I integron-integrase implicated in antibiotic resistance gene dissemination among clinical bacterial strains.

Dr. Vincent Ménard, Ph.D., MBA,

Strategic development Director

Dr. Vincent Ménard joined Feldan in 2014 as Product Director. Dr. Ménard is primarily responsible of business development and sales management, but he is also involved in marketing and strategic alliances coordination. He holds a M. Sc. and a Ph. D. in Pharmacy from Laval University, as well as a MBA in finance from the same institution. Prior to joining Feldan, Dr. Ménard has been in charge of the market transactions management and results monitoring of an investment fund and sat on the board of direction of a local financial institution.

Dr. Pierre-Alain Moisset, Ph. D. MBA,

Operations Director

Pierre-Alain Moisset joined Feldan in 2016 as Operations Director. He is in charge of overseeing and coordinating Production, QA/QC and Development activities in the company. He has over 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry (GlaxoSmithKline, Angiogene, Qbiogene) and academic research in different areas (R&D, Product Development, Quality Control). He holds a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and a MBA degree in pharmaceutical management from Laval University.

Board of Directors

Benoit Cyr, MSc, eng – Chairman of the Board
Former President & CEO Biogénie

Francois-Thomas Michaud, PhD, eng – Chief Executive Officer
Co-founder & CEO Feldan

Jean De Serres, MD, MSc, MBA – Independant Director
CEO Hema-Quebec 2011-2014
CMO Palladin Lab 2014

Xavier Harland, CFA – Independent Director
Former CFO Acasti Pharma

Peter Morand, PhD – Independent Director
Former President & CEO Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Jean-Luc Sansregret, MSc – Independent Director
Former Vice-President Biogénie

Andy Sheldon – Independent Director
President and CEO of Medicago 2003


We are owner of Feldan’s future. We stake our reputation on the excellence of our work and accept accountability to meet our business needs, improve our systems and help others improve their effectiveness. We are Feldan.


We mobilize our resources in order to promote optimal efficiency and performance in all our business activities. We take pride in having a highly diverse team of people with complementary backgrounds, the union of which makes us a unique, disruptive and innovative company.


We believe having fun and enjoying our work is essential to achieve our mission, we celebrate successes and we have fun working together.