Feldan Therapeutics Pipeline

Feldan Therapeutics’ mission is to develop regenerative medicine therapeutic applications based on the Feldan Shuttle platform. Feldan Therapeutics has generated a pipeline of clinical applications delineated in two distinct programs that take advantage of the unique characteristics of the Shuttle: Natural Killer (NK) cell-based immunotherapy and intracellular antibody delivery.

FS-001 – Immunotherapy pipeline: genome editing of NK cells

Feldan’s therapeutic pipeline is centered on the modification of the genome of NK cells (i.e. a type of immune cells that are specialized in the recognition and elimination of viral-infected and tumor cells) in order to create hyperactive soldier cells against different types of cancers. This program and the fact that its platform allows NK cell modification lead Feldan Therapeutics to be part of the growing and promising immunotherapy field, a sector centered on the reprogramming of the immune system of a cancer patient using cutting-edge biotechnology tools. Feldan’s cell-based immunotherapy program consists in the delivery of active CRISPR nucleases in NK cells using the Shuttle, a feat that is impractical using other methods of delivery and that leads to the generation of genetic alteration of this hard-to-transfect cell type. This gives Feldan a clear edge to develop effective immunotherapies using modified NK cells (i.e. modifications that would make them highly cytotoxic against tumors).

FS-002 – Delivery of antibodies for therapeutic applications

Feldan’s second program consists in the delivery of antibodies inside cells in order to target intracellular proteins and modulate therapeutically relevant pathways. Preliminary results showed the capacity of the Feldan Shuttle to deliver large antibodies as well as small antibody domains; at the same time, those experiments proved that intracellular target engagement was possible using this cutting-edge method.