To succeed in a business environment filled with challenges and ongoing changes, we must remember who we are. Our core values are what makes Feldan unique. Acting in accordance with our values keeps us on the right path, and will continually increase the strength of our company. Feldan’s actions and decision-making is guided by Our Values and enable achievement of our mission.


We are owners of Feldan’s future. We stake our reputation on the excellence of our work and accept accountability to meet our business needs, improve our systems and help others improve their effectiveness. We are Feldan.


We mobilize our resources in order to promote optimal efficiency and performance in all our business activities. We take pride in having a highly diverse team of people with complementary backgrounds, the union of which makes us a unique, disruptive and innovative company.


We believe having fun and enjoying our work is essential to achieve our mission, we celebrate successes and we have fun working together.